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Coursle takes its mission to be the home of knowledge. Our centre for distance learning is built by the greatest experts. We offer more than 350 courses, and we are happy to have more than 500 000 students. Our mission is to make distance learning more accessible than ever before. Our courses are designed for people who are eager to gain new skills and take a head start towards the career of their dreams.

Our team values knowledge more than anything. We believe that in it lies the greatest power. Our goal is to give our students the right tools to become the professionals they are meant to be. The Center for Distance Learning is one of the largest training providers in the Benelux, and, as one of them, it offers a verifiable professional certification.

We help our students with our new innovative technology: eCampus. It gives them access to online exercises and additional learning materials, videos, and media. Our students choose their own trajectory, combine courses, and, with our help, they build the career they are meant to have.

What are we fighting for?

We work everyday to help motivated people around the world achieve their goals and get the career they deserve. If you dream about starting your own business, or you want to climb up the ranks in a major company, just trust our teachers and achieve your dreams. We also:

Some of our best tutors

Joana Marques Baptista

Throughout her career, Joana worked with marketing agencies for IT brands and healthcare companies, with a focus on large-scale clients and accounts. After finishing her Business Management Master's Degree, she started working with start-ups.


David Swinfen

David Swinfen is a published author in the field of PR strategy, and he has worked as Senior Editor for a leading public relations company in Asia-Pacific for over 10 years.

He currently serves premier PR and marketing agencies in Hong Kong and Singapore as an editor and corporate communications lead, and also teaches Communications and PR to a broad spectrum of CEOs, directors, and business managers globally.