Stefano Falco


“Graphic design is in my blood”, says teacher Stefano Falco. “I have worked for 10 years as a graphic designer, web designer and art director for various advertising agencies. 15 years ago I founded my own communication company. Simultaneously, I started giving training to professionals.”

“I am not only active as a communication and design freak, but I am also the singer / guitarist of Belgium's allergist cover band: De Spikes. Music is the much needed energy charger for my creative mind, it is my gas station. During the weekend I will be on stage in Belgium and the Netherlands and on Monday I will be at the design table again with charged batteries.”

That Stefano is at home in all markets is demonstrated by the range of courses he takes on his behalf: from Web Designer HTML5 & CSS3, over Graphic Design and Dreamweaver to Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and of course Playing Guitar for everyone. He is a true creative centipede who is more than happy to share his graphic and musical talent with our students!

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Stefano Falco givesCourses

Web Design

Start your career as a Web Developer and conquer the market.


In this tutorial you'll discover the exciting world of Photo_shop tools and functions.


Start your career as an Editor and conquer the market.


Apply for an Illustrator tutorial and conquer the market.

Graphic Design

Step by step you'll learn everything about graphic design and expertly editing images.