Christophe Goidts


Christophe Goidts is an independent organizational consultant and teaches at various universities of applied sciences in Flanders and the Netherlands. After those hours, he happily dedicates himself to adult education. As a senior lecturer of various communication and management courses at our educational institution, Christophe Goidts annually helps dozens of students on their way to obtain a diploma.

“What I love about teaching is that I can help motivated people who have a clear interest in a particular field of study.”
“By continuing to learn, you develop yourself. Nothing is more rewarding than an investment in yourself!”
 That is why different people with the most diverse careers are continuously training or retraining.

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Professional home study E-Marketing with online guidance from a leading expert.

Communication Management

In this Communication Management self-study you'll learn how to expertly communicate.

Time Management

Sign up for a basic Time Management course and learn everything you need to know.

Project Management

Start a job in Project Management and conquer the business world with your skills.