Andrijana Chichevalieva


Andrijana has been teaching French to different age groups of students and in different settings: public, private schools and online. She has attended numerous teacher trainings that helped her develop her unique style of teaching and she is continuously leaning how to improve her teaching skills by following the latest trends and teaching methodologies. In the later years she has been more involved in the process of creation of e-learning that she finds a new and exciting field of teaching and learning that meets the needs of our rapidly changing world.”

Teaching languages requires good communication skills from both teachers and students. As teachers, we should be able to make our students comfortable and confident enough to freely express themselves and not to be afraid or ashamed from making mistakes. Teaching languages is extra fun because we get to discover a new culture and a new way of thinking.”

“Being a teacher is inspiring and dynamic work and that is what I love about it.”

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