Chinese philosophy

Does your view also extend beyond the here and now? Would you like to get acquainted with Chinese thinking? What makes Chinese thinking so different? "The Chinese don't look for confrontation, but for harmony. You can discover everything about it yourself during a course from the sub-theme Chinese philosophy.

Our teachers help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really get started with your knowledge in practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra teaching materials, so you have everything you need to become an expert.

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China's influence as a new world power is growing. It’s high time to get acquainted with Chinese thinking. During these courses you will get a good insight into the influence of traditional Chinese medicine on nutrition. In addition, you also immerse yourself in a range of natural therapies and treatments. This is not so much about weight loss, but about a more vital and healthy feeling. Your diploma also exponentially increases your chances on the labor market. You show that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally.

"Few people know insights into Chinese philosophy. That philosophy gives you insight into how to deal with all the obstacles in life and have a good life. But few know this. Those insights are also evident in us today. They are very useful in life! " - employerSpeaks

Chinese philosophy


China's influence as a new world power is growing. It’s high time to get acquainted with Chinese thinking. Chinese philosophy is also gaining in importance these days. Chinese philosophy is extremely popular these days and is used within many more principles than you think. In our current society in the West it is normal to look for your true self, to discover who you are. It gives a feeling of freedom by following your happiness. That is why more and more people are choosing to study Chinese philosophy.

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Alternative techniques find their way to the general public. We hear that on the radio, but we also see it on our social media and in the app store. The demand for relaxation and disconnection is great. Although the basis of many massage techniques goes back centuries, a lot has changed in the massage sector. For example, massage chairs have reached the general public and massage oil and candles are also known to everyone. Those oils are getting better and more specific. There are oils that are specially designed to relax your customers, to loosen muscles or to combat pain.

"I was always fascinated by the spirituality of China. There is such a rich history and so much hidden knowledge. I wanted to be part of that tradition. Now I am, thanks to my evening classes! I feel that I am part of a network of masseurs that goes back generations. My clients are looking for that too. It really is my dream job. I recommend the courses to everyone. You learn everything you will ever need. " - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

"You will also discover the origins and rich history of massage. Chinese massage has been around since about 2000 years BC. They are techniques that have literally been passed on from generation to generation for millennia. You too are part of that cycle. You will get to know really new and surprising techniques, taught by the very best teachers. Register now! "


  • In Chinese philosophy, what you do in the here and now counts.
  • While Western thinkers sometimes get lost in fantasies and complicated reasoning, in Chinese philosophy action is the main focus.
  • In Chinese thinking, and therefore also in classical Chinese medicine, the mind is rooted in the physical condition of man.
  • Our skin is our largest organ. A masseur has a lot of impact on our health.