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Do you want to be a fashion designer – to create and launch your own clothing brands? These courses are designed to help you make that dream come true. Your career in the world of fashion starts now. Sign up and get started!

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The fashion industry is an exciting, growing sector full of promise. The number of open positions in fashion is expected to increase by 3 percent in the next 10 years. You take the opportunity to  fill one of those positions – or you can build something of your own and become an independent fashion expert instead. You’ll graduate with a diploma that will improve your chances on the labor market. A diploma from our school with your name on it is proof of your in-depth knowledge, practical skills and understanding of latest techniques. Start your journey to success today!  

I run a clothing store, and we don't just hire anyone. We want to actually help our customers – and not everyone can do that. Graduates from your school definitely can. Actually, I only ever hire either people with prior experience, or people who studied with you. That's when I’m confident I’m hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and can do their job well.   - employerSpeaks


Fashion  is always changing. The fashion industry is a reflection of what’s happening around the world. If you want to succeed in this world, you’ll need stay up to date on latest events and know what’s happening around the world at all times.

Fashion design, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The way we shop for clothes has changed. People are doing more online shopping and going to stores trying things on less. Nowadays, it’s best to create a good online presence for your brand and show your uniqueness there. Online shopping also means it’s easy to change your mind and order clothes on a whim - our minds are often made up in seconds.   

I spent a few years working at different stores, but I never really found my place. So I decided to create it. The fashion design course helped me get started and avoid mistakes I would’ve made otherwise. Now, I have my own brand, I sell my designs on Instagram and I make a great living. I definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to break into fashion. - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

These courses are perfect for someone fashion-conscious and ambitious. You’ll learn everything you need to secure a job as a fashion consultant. Our teachers have years of experience and are trained to share their knowledge effectively.


  • The first official fashion week took place in New York City all the way back in 1943
  • About to negotiate with someone? Wear red. According to research, that puts you in a more favorable negotiating position
  • In French, “lingerie” refers to both male and female underwear
  • The skirt is one of the oldest pieces of clothing. Until the mid-17th century, both men and women would wear skirts
  • In the past, nobody in China was allowed to wear yellow, except the emperor  
  • The most popular item of clothing is the T-shirt. About 2 billion T-shirts are sold around the world every year