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High fashion make-up

Learn how to make up models and get them ready for photoshoots or the catwalk. During these courses, our tutors teach you the various techniques. Sign up now and explore the latest trends!

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In the fashion world, more and more attention is being paid to the big picture: the makeup of the models must also be in perfect order and attract the attention of the public. Creativity pays off! The demand for specialized makeup artists with a leading portfolio is therefore high. With an education at our school you expand your skills and your portfolio and you will soon be among the top.

As a fashion designer I enjoy working with makeup artists I know. That way I know what to expect and I can rest assured that it is okay. When I work with a new MUA, I first request a portfolio. Experience is a must, so an internship is highly recommended. A diploma is of course also a great asset! Then I let them do a few tests on different models and see if their work matches my designs. It must also click personally. All this assures me a good result! - employerSpeaks

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Makeup trends in the fashion world are changing faster than you can say "eyeliner". As a makeup artist it is therefore crucial that you are always up to date with the latest trends and that you are regularly inspired by the competition. If glitter eyeshadow is in today, it may be "out" tomorrow. Do you want to create original and daring looks? Follow some popular fashion accounts on Instagram and try to catch a fashion show here and there. This will give you a lot of ideas!

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Many cosmetic brands want to do more for the world. They are fully committed to natural and sustainable products and packaging in order to limit the impact on the environment. Some products are even completely "zero waste" and do not leave any (plastic) waste! In addition, there is also attention for animal suffering. Many makeup products are tested on animals to study side effects, but more and more brands are stopping that and going the vegan and cruelty free route.

Fashion and makeup are my two greatest passions. It was therefore obvious that I combined the two in a job like fashion MUA. During my education I learned a lot from fantastic teachers and I made some good contacts with fellow students. I built up a portfolio and was able to start working for a fashion magazine almost immediately. Dressing up models, attending fashion shows, meeting my idols… It's a dream come true! - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

In the fashion world you have to know how to stand your ground, also as a makeup artist. We receive many students who want to perfect their skills to give their career a boost. Beginners will also find what they are looking for with us. The teachers will do everything they can to teach you the tricks of the trade and give you useful tips from the field.


  • The makeup world has its own celebs too: Bobbi Brown, Pat McGrath, Tom Pecheux and Charlotte Tilbury have long proven their skills and influence on today's MUAs.
  • As a makeup artist you not only take into account the clothes that a model will wear, but you should also ask which lighting will be used during the catwalk or during the photo shoot. For example, some colors are not very visible in bright light.
  • L'Oréal is the largest and best-known makeup brand. The company was founded in 1909 by a French chemist. Originally, L'Oréal only sold hair color rinses.