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Child psychology

Do you want to support children with mental, emotional or social problems? You will learn this during these practical training courses under the guidance of an experienced teacher. You will be taught various coaching techniques, which you can put to work immediately.

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Children are the future. How do we ensure that that future remains strong in their shoes? They should be healthy and happy. That's what you're going to discover. Then start a child therapy course now and unlock the secrets of the psychology of the child. With a diploma from our school you show your clients or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are ready to start professionally. It looks good on your resume and you can also work independently. This way you increase your chances on the job market and at the same time you manage to create new opportunities for yourself.

Suddenly there you are. They say your child has ADHD and that you can't really do anything about it. Our child therapist helped us so much. He had recently specialized in coaching through these online courses, but to us it felt like he had years of experience in this field. - employerSpeaks

Child psychology


The psychology of the child has been getting attention for years. But now that parents are more hands-on with parenting, those theories are also reaching the general public. More than ever before, parents also want to scientifically guide their children. Keeping your child mentally healthy, happy and making sure they feel good about themselves are also important. Understanding the psychology of the child helps with that The demand is rising every day for people like you. Ready to get started as a child therapist?

Child psychology, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Literature about children and their development has been finding its way to parents for years. Yet we see a striking trend. Often this literature is based on a gut feeling or follows the story of some well-known parent. It is not very specific and leaves a lot of children with specific needs out in the cold. For those children and their parents, there is really only one reliable option: a therapist Every child has different needs and every parent needs different advice. As a therapist, a future full of challenges and with a lot of satisfaction undoubtedly awaits you.

As a child therapist, I see parents with very specific questions. My distance learning training helps me answer those questions properly and with a solid foundation. I now radiate more confidence and feel a lot more secure in the advice I give. Moreover, the course has given me a network of like-minded people who I can often still fall back on. - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

In our child development courses you will find both parents and specialists. It is this combination that makes the courses so strong. Often theory can be linked to practical experiences, which in turn benefits everyone.


  • A child's brain has the same structure as the brain of an adult.
  • The environment plays a crucial role in a child's mental development.
  • Sports and play, even playing pretend and acting, play a crucial role in a child's development.
  • According to various studies, the first five years of a child's life are the most important. They lay the foundation upon which a lifetime is built