Interior Design

Interior Design

Would you also like to become a home designer and decorate a house in such a way that it sells itself? Do you get enthusiastic about color swatches, curtain fabrics and rummaging through wallpaper? Then follow one of our interior design courses where you sharpen your skills with the right know-how.

Thanks to our classes, you'll discover the techniques you need to turn any house into a real home. Choose from one of our professional home courses, virtual classes and group courses and enroll. In this way you can transform yourself into a perfect interior designer who knows how to get to work and make every interior perfect. Your clients will thank you for your creative eye.

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People want to take good care of their homes - and many need help to make the best design choices. That's where good interior designers come in. Find out how to turn a house into a home, and make people feel safe in their own private space. Interior designers are highly sought after in the real estate sector, but many also choose to branch out and become independent contractors.

Certified interior designers are always welcome in our sector. Our company works with a few who are graduates from this school, and they all know how to get things done. They know what our customers want, and they see opportunities in the properties we sell. - employerSpeaks

a professional interior designer is working on sketching a house for his clients


More and more people are looking for professionals who have the ability to make any house a home. They want experts with a sense of style who connect individuals with homes. You have the change to be that expert. So a degree as an expert in interior design brings a lot of job security. People are looking for your knowledge and your approach. So become an interior designer now! Work in a company or become self-employed. Ready to get started?

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Interior design is always subject to new trends. In other words, it is a job that is always evolving. The Internet, television, and magazines dictate the latest fashion trends and thereby have a great influence on the tastes your potential customers. This is definitely something to keep an eye on!

When we first bought a house, we had only basic knowledge of interior design. Hiring a designer quickly proved too expensive. We wanted to learn interior design just as much ourselves. The course was a lot cheaper than paying someone ourselves. Also, we now have all the knowledge to do whatever we want. It's an investment in ourselves, the future and in our new home. - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

We find that a degree in interior design gives many people the confidence to start work on their own. It gives them the know-how to smoothly remodel their own house into a true home. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to start a renovation project and take charge. You get a lot of knowledge, so you have the opportunity to immediately start work on your own home or on someone else's.


  • Interior design has been around since prehistoric times. Ever since man left his nomadic existence behind, he chose to decorate his home.
  • Interior design trends vary by era and by place. For example, trends in Mexico are different from those in Iceland.
  • Painting is by far the most popular renovation project. About half of homeowners paint their property.
  • Windows and light usually make residents happier and also healthier.