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Do you want to become an expert on legislation in the field of, for example, HR or real estate? Then follow a course in Legislation & Law and immerse yourself completely in this much-needed and, above all, fascinating legal subject matter!

Our extensive and professional training courses teach you everything you need to know about this interesting world of rules and regulations. Study and become a pro, so that after attending one of our courses, compiled by experts, you can immediately get to work in this fascinating world.

Choose from our range of practice-oriented home studies, group courses or virtual classes that suit you best to start your new professional career.

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When you delve into law, you are immensely valuable in the job market. With your degree under your belt, you are sure to find a job that suits you. Law firms, bailiff's offices, court and prison clerks' offices, legal and human resources departments of companies, insurance companies, trade unions and much more... All of them would love to see your expertise.

You are working with something that connects directly with what is happening in this world. For example, everything that has to do with legislation is already seen in the daily newspaper. This shows that one of our courses gives you a good future. International law is also very trendy: a lot is going on in Europe right now. It is constantly changing because it is an important social topic. - employerSpeaks

law expert working at his office


Law studies are extremely popular these days. Men are more likely to apply for a course in intellectual law (65%), while women are more likely to sign up for accounting, social and tax law.

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Law always evolves at the speed that society itself does. Consider, for example, recent technological innovations such as big data, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and human enhancement /augmentation. All these technologies have a major impact on the law, which makes the sector extremely dynamic.

There was a time when I wanted to upgrade my skills and find a new job. That's why I decided to follow my heart and do something different. You can do it too! I started studying Law here. It's a subject that fascinates me. The knowledge I learned here helps me in my current job at the police station. - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

Each of our teachers has a strong reputation and close ties with many companies and legal institutions. You will reap the benefits of this. You will discover the job market and immediately get to know the many places where you will work later on! After you get your diploma, will be able to work many different jobs.


  • Everyone knows the Belgian flag as a tricolor of black, yellow, and red. In that order. Surprisingly, however, Article 193 of the Constitution stipulates: [t] he Belgian Nation chooses red, yellow, and black as the colors.
  • The Indian Constitution is the largest in the whole world.
  • Medical lawyers make an average of almost $140,000 a year.
  • There are 1.33 million lawyers in the United States.