Tourism & Recreation

Tourism & Recreation

Do you like to travel abroad? Are you fascinated by the discovery of new countries and cultures?

Our courses in the field of Tourism & Leisure are made for you! Whether you are advising people in an agency, working at a hotel, or organizing excursions to fascinating cities, your career takes an amazing turn every day that makes you work with pleasure and curiosity!

With our professional home courses, you learn all the useful knowledge and skills that make you a true expert in tourism.

Choose from our home courses and start right away. Discover all the tips you need for a successful career and plan your route to start in this fascinating world!

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Tourism brings people together. It builds up a country's image and creates prosperity and happiness. A certified Tourism expert becomes a travel agent or tour leader, a product developer or project manager. Knowledge of art, architecture, and other cultural aspects turns you into an invaluable part of any travel or tourism agency. And the certificate, you get an edge over your competition.

People these days travel more than ever, looking for a unique experience. That means tourism everywhere is booming. This is an exciting industry, full of variety, opportunities, and satisfaction. You find out how the world works, discover new cultures, and explore the world we live in. - employerSpeaks

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People rediscover their own country through cycling, hiking, or visiting museums. Many of them travel close to home to nearby countries and regions to broaden their horizons. A location or accommodation should have something unique to offer. People choose to discover the local culture in all its authenticity. That is the challenge of today's tour guides.

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The tourism of today can finally be a part of virtual reality. This is resolving many challenges. Choices regarding destinations and excursions sometimes take time. In the last years, inventive technological solutions focus mainly on this. Virtual Reality is experiencing a big rise. Computers create a 3D reality that a special VR headset lets you experience without traveling. For example, the technology already allows you to walk virtually through your hotel or visit iconic landmarks from a distance.

Studying tourism is super fun! You experience a whole world tour from your home while you study from your textbook. I continued to specialize in German and Spanish, so my career in tourism rised to new heights. I gained knowledge of those languages. In just a few weeks, I easily mastered the basics. - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

If you are fascinated by travel, other countries and cultures, and tourism then you are perfect for the job of vacation maker! Be stimulated by the challenges and opportunities of the world and organize the most exciting trips for your clients. You certainly get involved in marketing, sales, data analysis, and other management functions in the sector as well. Join this amazing journey!


  • France is the most visited country in the world.
  • The city with the most hotels in the world is Las Vegas.
  • Americans get an average of 13 days of vacation a year.