Is music your first love? Is it the engine that drives you forward in life? So make your musical dream come true and follow one of our courses that give you the skills to start in this boiling world!

Choose from our creative courses and find out how you can further develop your musical knowledge to fulfill your career as a DJ or producer. Acquire new practical knowledge and know perfectly how to start in this sector in order to make your life and that of others more musical!

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The music industry has many opportunities beyond singers and dancers. There are millions of people involved in all sorts of exciting roles. Become a manager, an independent producer, or an editor - the possibilities are virtually infinite. As a trained music expert, you work with your clients and roll out products of your choice.

"We are here to give people unique moments by teaching them every detail of this beautiful art. Think of theater houses and concert halls, circus groups, and dance companies, as well as music managers and festivals where they are working right after they graduate. There is enormous variety in this often international environment." - employerSpeaks

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Our courses enable you to create a music career and chase your dreams! Navigate the music industry, constantly surf around various trends, and maybe start a few yourself. You're adapting to stay relevant. Sometimes trends emerge out of nowhere, other times old ones resurface.

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Technology is a major driving force behind musical innovation. Think of the development of the electric guitar or the now ubiquitous autotune, which allows rappers in particular to become singers with different voices. Music evolves along with technology and therefore offers an enormous amount of possibilities.

"I have been working in the festival industry for several years. There are so many possibilities. From the beginning to the final moment of the product, there is a lot involved. From programmers and artist handling to stage hands and transportation. They deal directly with the artists and the core of the festival. Then, of course, there is ICT and the build-up of the festival to suppliers. Some functions are more related to the creative core than others and for production, there are often some things outsourced. You do so many things!" - exStudentSpeaking

Amari Lindroos
Amari Lindroos

Training Consultant

During the courses in this category, you are taught by the best experts. The great thing about these home courses is that they are teaching you every detail. Thanks to tips & tricks from the best teachers you are ready for a musical career right after you graduate!


  • Songs are getting shorter. This is largely an effect of streaming and playlist discovery. Funk and industrially rooted grooves are back. The '80s have made a comeback both sonically and aesthetically.
  • While YouTube has been around for a long time and remains king for video content, other platforms are rising. Many artists and creators want to connect with their fans. Live streaming sites like Twitch and Mixer are becoming increasingly important.
  • Music has the same effect on the brain as food and falling in love.