The New Financial System

Short description: Since the fall of the market in 2008, humanity is in search of a new financial system. But could it be bitcoin and can it reshape the current world economy?


How to pick up your regular diet after fasting

A longlasting period of fasting, like the Ramadan or a detox, shakes up your natural rhythm. That's because during this period, our digestive system and intestines adopt a different way of functioning. After quitting food cold turkey, it is essential to make sure the transistion between fasting and eating runs smoothly and your body doesn't suffer.


5 reasons to take up distance learning

Distance learning is the road to freedom. You can study wherever you want and only put in time when you feel like it. It's cheaper, more flexible, and lets you pick the type of education YOU want.


A smart investment in your future

Accessible, flexible and affordable education - that's what we stand for. Low expenses plus a good income are a straight road to financial freedom


Career-ready skills as a stepping stone to a bright future

We'll help you outline objectives and come up with a plan for developing necessary skills.