How does it work?

We build the professionals of the future! Our students get their first contact with our student advisors, and, with their help, they receive advice on how to choose the right course for their goals.

Once they apply for it, they get access to additional resources which help them during their journey to gain knowledge. They are available at our eCampus. With their profile on the platform, they get bonus materials, exercises, and unlimited exclusive contact with the subject teacher.

Latest generation IT infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure evolves and it stays ahead. It is always viral. Our students enjoy the best technology for distance learning. We have a revolutionary platform that is your personal assistant throughout the journey of your education.

Our technology helps you study on your own terms – whenever and wherever you want. Every one of our courses is designed to be accessible.


Get in touch

Interact from a distance with your teacher. You are able to reach your tutor at any time. All of our courses allow you to do so.


Teachers with years of experience.

Home courses

Combine your education with your favourite things.


The best software for distance studying.

Personal advice

We are here to help!


Reach your teacher at any moment.


Start your career

Build your career

Our Center for Distance Learning is the best place to start your career. We help you with your practical experience in the field you are interested in. A diploma from us is highly rewardable. It opens you up to networking opportunities, a way to strengthen your CV, and a chance to build confidence.

Pick a good internship program and put your trust in us.


Internationally recognized diploma

Our school is one of the largest training providers in the Benelux, and, as one of them, it offers a verifiable professional certification. It is a reward for a successful exam. When you score over 60%, you get it in your mailbox. The best part is that you have 5 years to take the exam, so you study at your own pace.

The certificate is proof of your knowledge and the expert you are. It is highly valued by the business world. That means you get better chances when you decide to pursue the career you are meant to have.