eCampus: by students for students

Technology, just like the business world, always evolves. We like to stay ahead of the curve, so we constantly invest in new technologies for our students. Such as our brand new platform, the eCampus.

This revolutionary IT infrastructure is your personal assistant throughout your education. It connects you to your teacher and offers up various additional learning materials, interesting papers, and relevant resources.

As soon as you sign up, your personal student profile is a click away. Easily manage your own data, explore more home courses and download free samples. Take advantage of modern technology to enhance your education.

Main eCampus features:

Calendar & messages

You can track your agenda or get in touch with your teacher. They'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Documents & links

Access the documents and files your teacher uploades - ranging from examples to films and other media.

Exercises & tasks

You can start practicing the subject matter right away, with immediate feedback from your teacher.

Get eCampus on your smartphone!

With a sleek, user-friendly design, your own personal agenda, many exclusive exercises, and the option to reach your teacher whenever you want - the eCampus app is the perfect addition to your education.

Learning is fun. Thanks to our app, you move forward faster than ever! Stay on top of things wherever you are, and learn new things whenever you want. It's that simple.

IT Infrastructure

With us, you study on your own terms. The courses are designed for everyone, regardless of schedule or previous experience.

Our services reach you thanks to well-maintained servers and cutting-edge IT infrastructure that all come together in the form of our eCampus app. We developed the learning platform to give you the smooth, straightforward educational experience you deserve. Our employees are available around the clock to help or advise you. You can log in within seconds and enjoy personal guidance, wherever you are.

The eCampus serves as a supplement to your home course. The platform gives you exclusive access to additional learning materials, videos, relevant articles and more. You can also contact your teacher and get personal feedback on any assignments/ submissions.

Basically, our student platform contains all the tools you need to develop your skills easily, graduate and get your professional certification.

Are you a current student looking to share your thoughts/ suggestions regarding the eCampus? Let us know via the feedback form.