Improve your financial stability

Are you eager to improve your finances? We have the perfect solution for you! Enhancing your knowledge on diverse financial and economic topics is the fastest way to improve your value on the market. Essential and new knowledge is the key to your future successful career and higher salary. Grab the opportunity to sign up for a course with a 20% discount from 27/03 to 02/04 on these categories: Retail, Bookkeeping, Economics & Finances, Management & Entrepreneurship, and Marketing & Communication .

Improve your finances

Your new career path

In times of changing market conditions, the best option to stay on the top is to upgrade your knowledge. Take the next step and climb the ladder to the top with a specialized course. Everything in the Learning Centre is designed to help you accomplish your goals and start a successful career. This is your opportunity to go from an employee to an employer!

Improve your finances

Improve your quality of life

A rewarding way to improve the quality of your life is to learn how to manage your finances. The skill of managing your money is a valuable asset that enables you to deeply understand how much you spend and save. Gain this needed knowledge and improve your personal life and work performance.

Gain financial knowledge

Home courses

Do you want to combine your studies with your work and family life? Then our high-quality home studies are your absolute match. Enjoy professional guidance, study where and when you want and retrain yourself!

Take your discount

In the eye of the machine

This learning centre buys its materials in bulk, which lets us reduce printing expenses. We also designed a whole digital learning platform for our students and you receive unlimited access to it.

The best dates are carefully picked for temporary discounts. The school is in close partnership with more than 600 teachers we work with, which allows you to easily pick the course and teacher that you want to learn from.

temporary discounts at Coursle

The best temporary discounts

Thanks to our temporary discounts, you receive our services at the best price for such a comprehensive package. We compare the prices to the cost of identical courses organized by other training providers in the same province, and subject to the same regulations as Coursle.

temporary discounts at Coursle - entrepreneurs

An excellent training

When you take advantage of our temporary discounts, you receive a lot of new opportunities: You get an entire course with a curriculum that is 100% relevant. The teachers are independent entrepreneurs with years of self-employed experience.

Your chosen course is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. That includes at least an equal number of teaching hours and related services. Take the pros of our temporary discounts.

Top quality at the lowest price

  • You learn from handpicked entrepreneurs, each of which has at least 3 years of professional experience in their field.
  • You receive a printed, bound coursebook.
  • You gain access to learning materials and exercises at no extra cost.
  • You get exclusive access to a state-of-the-art digital platfor for up to 5 years after your graduation.

A family that grinds together

We know that families often go for the stars together. Besides temporary discounts, your entire family profites. How does it work? When you apply for a course, any of your family members get the chance to enroll too. The best thing? They are able to do so for 99 Euro each. What an opportunity, right?

family discount at Coursle

Temporary discounts in time of volatile markets

Right now, markets are highly volatile. But this is also an opportunity - to start your own business and become the next big entrepreneur in your sector. To stimulate new entrepreneurs and with that - the whole economy - we often do temporary discounts. This enables you to build confidence and expertise that improves your CV and secures you a job with a future.

Check this page to find temporary discounts that give you a big career boost!