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  • 3-6 cpHomeCourseMonths
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Secretary, cpProfessionWithFuture

Administrative and organizational talents make businesses work. Do you want to support the operation of a company? Are you an efficient problem solver? Then follow this home study and grow into a administrative centipede!

As a Secretary you have a versatile and varied job: you arrange appointments, you prepare meetings for, you handle correspondence and you have contact with all colleagues. All these tasks are covered in the course!

This way you are ready to take on responsibility in every company. You are versatile, you take on tasks and you adapt quickly. Those competencies are hugely popular in the labor market. Office managers, administrative employees and secretaries therefore always have job security!

  • a stable job with a lot of job security
  • to steer the administration of a company or organization in the right direction
  • quick start as an administrative employee, office manager or secretary
  • study at your own pace, with room for your work, your family and your hobbies
  • obtain a valuable diploma that you can use immediately
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • 239.00
cpProgram Secretary
Secretary - Online Course
  • Your future opportunities as a secretary
  • Everything about the company and the secretariat
  • Classification and mail handling
  • Organization and efficiency
  • Preparing visits and trips
  • Welcoming people professionally
  • Dealing with different types of customers
  • Computer programs Word and Excel
  • Meetings and reports
  • All forms of correspondence
  • Customer-friendly telephone calls
  • Business letters and e-mails
Secretary - Distance Learning
  • Classify, organize and correspond? You are the expert in the field!
  • Communicate smoothly with customers and colleagues via different channels
  • Work efficiently with Word and Excel
Secretary - Home Study
  • Secretary within any type of organization or company
  • Administrative employee of a self-employed person
  • Freelance secretary


You can get started right after your registration! The digital course is on your profile page and on the online student platform within 1 minute. The paper version will be posted immediately. You will find them in your letterbox at home in no time. From day one you enjoy a year of online guidance by a passionate top teacher for whom efficient administration is second nature. So you are not alone! Thanks to the flexibility of a home study, you also study where and when you want. If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations. Successful? Bravo, you receive the diploma Secretary!

In order to optimally prepare for your future job, and the exam of this course, it is important that you work with a PC version of the Word and Excel programs. The course starts from the Dutch version, but you may also send exercises and take the exam in an English or French version.


You only pay 239.00 euros for your course Secretary. For this you first of all receive a comprehensive course book that consists of four modules: Business Communication, Word, Excel and an extensive general module. In addition, you enjoy professional online guidance for a year by a motivated top teacher with an eye for organization and administration. You also get free access to our online student platform and the opportunity to take a free exam within a broad period of five years. That is possible at one of our different exam locations. Everything for a successful home study Secretary!

In order to optimally prepare for your future job and the exam of this course, it is important that you work with a PC version of the Word and Excel programs. The course starts from the Dutch version, but you may also send exercises and take the exam in an English or French version.

  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • 239.00

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