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Do you want a job in the real estate sector? Then the Real Estate Coach home course is your ticket to a job. As a real estate coach you guide people during an important step in their lives. The purchase of a new home is a significant investment. Professional guidance in these situations is more than welcome.

Via different modules you will learn all aspects in order to get started in this sector. Discover how administration works, how you purchase and sell real estate, which regulations exist and how you present buildings so that buyers are immediately enticed. This way you can also impress companies who can also come to you so that their investment is maximized.

Register now for this course and build your professional future!

  • to immerse yourself in the world of real estate, leases, homestaging and so much more
  • to guide clients professionally in their search for a dream home
  • to start a new career in the booming real estate sector
  • to get everything to get started as a professional real estate coach
  • to study wherever and whenever you want, completely at your own pace and in your own way
Real Estate Coach Allround
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
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Real Estate Administrator
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Would you like a challenging job within the real estate sector? Then you are at the right place with this home course!

As an Administrative Real Estate Agent, you are at the heart of the real estate sector. For example, you assist with the purchase, sale and rental of houses and apartments within the private housing market. You also manage the customer base and ensure that all communication runs smoothly. Finally, you will learn to prepare effective advertisements and presentation brochures. Something different every day!

After the course you are immediately employable as a professional administrative real estate agent!


Real Estate Agent (All-round) online course
  • You draw up rental and sales contracts and process them as if they were second nature to you.
  • You convince customers in an instant and seal deal after deal.
  • Homestaging and real estate styling? You highlight the strengths of a property.
  • You know all the legal and financial aspects of the real estate market.
  • You always correctly estimate the value of apartments, houses and commercial properties .
Distance Learning Real Estate Agent (All-round)
  • Independent real estate coach
  • Employee in a real estate office
  • Real estate specialist



You can get started right after your registration! If you pay the full tuition fee in one go, all digital courses will be on your profile page within one minute and the paper versions will be posted immediately. When you pay in installments, we systematically forward the courses. During this home course you first discover all the administrative knowledge and then continue with the sale and purchase of real estate and how you can best approach it. Thanks to the flexibility of a home study, you also study all of this wherever and whenever you want. You get a year long guidance from a passionate top teacher through an online platform, so you are not alone! If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations and if you pass, you will receive the diploma!


Real Estate Coach Allround
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
9-12 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma


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