Physical Care

  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional

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Every child is different. Personality, character, temperament ... They all have an influence on the person that babies and small children develop into. These aspects all play a role in the child's upbringing.

In this course you learn how to coordinate upbringing or guidance with the unique psychological characteristics of each child. For that we use the theories of the famous American psychologist Maslow. You also delve into problematic or deviant behavior, such as aggression or eating disorders. Finally, mental and physical limitations are discussed. That way, you have everything to approach children in a personalized way, completely tailored to individual needs and requirements.

  • guarantee newborn babies and young children proper physical development
  • find out the needs of newborn babies and young children
  • ensure optimal growth for children
  • become a professional development coach
Physical Care
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • 199.00
cpProgram Physical Care
Physical Care - Online Course
  • The child's psychological needs
  • The child's growth needs
  • Problem behavior and behavioral problems
  • Developmental disorders
  • Disabled children
Physical Care - Home Course
  • Become an expert in the physical care of young children
  • Learn all about proper nutrition for babies and children
  • Know all about the needs of newborn babies and young children
  • Become an expert in the development of young children and newborn babies
Course - Physical Care
  • This course helps nannies, childminders and teachers to grow in their job. This education is also a useful guide for young parents.


You will receive the course Physical Care within one week after registration and you can immediately start studying. Thanks to the flexibility of a home study you study where and when you want. You receive guidance from a teacher through an online platform for a year, so you are not alone! If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations and if you pass you will receive the diploma!



For your course you pay Physical Care but 199.00 euros. For this you get the illustrated course book, the professional guidance of your teacher for one year, lifelong access to the online student platform and the possibility to take a free exam within one of our exam locations within five years! Everything for an ideal start!

Physical Care
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 1-3 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • 199.00

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Nanny (allround)

Nanny (allround)

  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 9-12 cpHomeCourseMonths
  • 990.00


Do you find it endearing to see children grow up right in front of you? Are you concerned with the upbringing, well-being and happiness of children? Then this training is for you! In 7 modules you confidently learn everything about how you responsibly take care of the upbringing and education of a child!

After this Nanny course, you will know all aspects of the job. This job is, by the way, extremely varied and versatile! It is so much more than just watching kids. You are the number one confidant for both parent and child. Within the family you are a accessible point of contact. You offer a helping hand and a listening ear. This way you see and encourage children to find their own way in life. You get their gratitude for free!