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Children are the future. Everyone knows that.

What we tend to forget is how fragile and impressionable young minds can be. In order to grow to their full potential, children need help and support. And we at Coursle are eager to teach you how to give them exactly that.

This home-learning Child Psychology course is designed for people with no prior knowledge in the field, and allows you to go through the material at your own pace. Learn about the different stages of a child's development, and how to recognize and approach various behaviors. Become familiar with the full process of a child's growth, from motor skills to identity formation.

Enroll today, and start shaping the minds of tomorrow!

The soul is healed by being with children.

Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • to shape and support young minds
  • to help children through tough times
  • to learn about child development
  • to become a Child Psychology consultant
  • to study at home, at your own pace, with the help of a personal online tutor
Child Psychology
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma


cpProgram Child Psychology
Child Psychology - Online Course
  • Factors that influence development
  • Vygotsky's, Erikson's and Piaget's theories
  • Stages of physical and cognitive growth
  • Wants and needs
  • Understanding and monitoring milestones
  • Recognizing and tackling developmental challenges
  • Handling trauma and disorders
Child Psychology - Home Study
  • A thorough understanding of a child's mind
  • Understanding of internal and external influences on children's development
  • Knowledge of of behavioral patterns for every age bracket
  • Ability to identify risks for children's mental problems
  • Capacity to guide children through mental, emotional and social obstacles
Child Psychology - Home Course
  • Parent Educator and Family Coach
  • Teacher
  • Classroom Aide
  • Child Psychologist
  • School Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Certified Childcare Provider
  • Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapist
  • Child and Family Therapist



You can get started right after your registration! The digital course will be on your profile page within the minute. The paper version will be posted immediately and you will receive it quickly at home. Thanks to the flexibility of a home study you study where and when you want. You will receive guidance for a year from a dedicated teacher and childcare expert who will give you practical exercises, customized feedback and tips from the professional field through our online learning platform. So you are not alone! If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations and if you pass, you will receive the diploma!


Child Psychology
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma


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Ready for my exam! The course is comprehensive, everything is explained in detail. Couldn't ask for a better teacher either, so in short: I'm a very happy lady! 


I struggled a bit with the theoretical models, but the teacher gave me some pretty good examples when I asked her. Bandura, Pavlov, ..., it's no longer a mystery to me. So glad that I decided to register for this course!


The educational background of the teacher is really helpful when you study the course. She commented on my tasks, so I could keep track of my progress. If necessary, she also gave me extra exercises, so I am really satisfied with the way she works.