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Stylish, beautiful nails are the hallmark of a modern, professional woman. As such, good nail stylists are in constant demand.

Do you want a profitable career you enjoy? Do you want to master the latest trends in nail design and offer them to your clients in your very own, successful nail salon?

Welcome to our Nail Styling course!

Learn from a seasoned nail technician and find out how to make your clients happy. Study nail designs, styling techniques, nail gel application and different manicure types. Of course, you’ll also cover the business side of things – from getting your first clients to expanding your business and boosting your profit margin.

You’ll find out how to turn your passion for nails into a beauty career. Sign up and get started today. Practice on family, wow your friends and get your new business off the ground in no time!  

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3-6 multipleMonths




Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

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