Mourning and Loss Consultant, aProfession

Like happiness and love, losing is also a part of life. Yet we are often confronted with it unexpectedly. A sudden loss overwhelms, blocks and releases powerful emotions. Despair and sorrow are hard to overcome on your own. Do you want to help friends, family members or clients grow into a new future? Then follow the home study Mourning and Loss Consultant and build a bridge over the painful gap of sorrow and mourning.

This course is for professional care providers and for people who have to deal with a sad farewell in their own life. You learn to understand, feel and liberate. You give hope and future prospects. Just those things that are not self-evident for mourners. You understand what mourning is and what mourning means. That way you are the key to recovery.

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3-6 multipleMonths




Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

€ 249.00

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