Massage Therapist, aProfession

Imagine having the amazing skill to help people relax, relieve their aches and bring comfort.

A good massage can do all of that, and more. Want to be the hero and bring pleasure to those around you? Then this course is just for you!

As a Massage Therapist, you'll be able to conquer pain and ensure relaxation. You will know how to prevent ailments and soothe overworked muscles. It's an exciting, satisfying path. During this course, you'll master the secrets of anatomy, and learn about different massage techniques- from effleurage, through thumb rolls, to petrissage. You'll discover the fascinating new world of Massage Therapy.

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courseTypeH Massage Therapist


3-6 multipleMonths

Presence certificate



Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

€ 229.00

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