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You’re a creative type. You have it in you and you know it.

But you’re not using it. Deep down, you’ve always known you had talent. You find graphics and layouts fascinating; you have a knack for visuals. You’ve wondered what it would be like to develop that and use it. Maybe you’ve seen a few Graphic Design tutorials and have built up some skills. But you’re still not where you know you can be. You need something more.

Introducing the Graphic Design home course!

Imagine finding everything you need to succeed, laid out for you to easily follow.

This course uses a proven method of combining Graphic Design theory with practical exercises. You gain a deep understanding of color theory, typography and design theory. You master the tools of the trade- such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator- and get the skills and confidence to create original designs. You study design trends and best practices. And you learn how to put all that new knowledge to use, with amazing results.

Who is this best suited for?

  • Aspiring visual/graphic designers;
  • Visually creative types looking for a new life path;
  • Graphic designers looking to improve;
  • Anyone looking for an exciting new skill to add to their CV;

You can find a sense of purpose in your work. You can follow your dreams and build an exciting new career. Discover your passion- sign up for Graphic Design now!

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3-6 multipleMonths




Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

€ 549.00

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