Bach Flower Therapist for Animals, aProfession

Animals are sentient beings who feel and experience a wide range of emotions just like humans do. However, they are masters of hiding their emotions, which means that they are not always easy to perceive. Symptoms such as loss of appetite, hair loss, sluggishness, ...etc. These are all factors that you should take into account that require a trained eye to find out the root of the problem.

With this practice-oriented Bach Flower Therapist course, you not only teach owners how to analyze their unique situations, but also how to prepare and apply a treatment plan for a better state of mind for each animal. Learn step by step how to make remedies yourself and help animals and their owners fully enjoy life again. Become a professional Bach flower therapist today!

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3-6 multipleMonths




Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

€ 199.00

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