Why a diploma is more important than ever

07/08/2020 Amari Lindroos

If you’re on the job market this year, you’re in for an adventure. You’ve probably noticed the competition for every position is fierce.

With the economy still recovering, most companies think long and hard before hiring anyone new.

But you need a job. Time spent unemployed is time wasted, time you’re not growing professionally. Also, future employers might not look kindly on holes in your CV.

So what do you do? How do you launch a successful career right now?

You need to stand out. You need to get ahead of your competition- and make sure your CV reflects that. And you do that by mastering new skills – and getting certified.

Education opens doors, sure – but it’s also a way to broaden your horizons. In the process of learning, you might actually end up discovering a new career path that’s perfect for you.

Studies show that candidates who rise to the challenge and keep getting new certifications are viewed as more motivated, and more valuable on the job market. Your continued efforts are an indication to your future employer that you’ll be a valuable asset – someone who will be able to keep up with latest field developments.

At our school, you’ll find short courses to strengthen your CV with some valuable skills – or longer, all-round courses to prepare you for a complete career change.

Our teachers are experienced in the fields they specialize in, and they know just what employers are looking for. They’re your ticket to success – you just need to put in the work, cash it in, and get your diploma. Good luck!


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