What are inflation and deflation?


The words "inflation" and "deflation" are terms that are mostly used in economic circles. It is important to know what they are because they directly affect our way of life. We need to increase our knowledge of economics, it is implemented in the world order. The two terms are part of it, and they concern every single person.

Inflation, deflation and their differences

The two concepts oppose each other, but still their basis is one - the value of money. They represent the two directions in which change is observed.

Inflation is a general increase in the price of products and services. This means that as the amount of currency we use increases, it depreciates. When it comes to inflation, it is possible to buy less products or services with one particular amount.

The essence of deflation is the opposite. The value of a currency increases. This means that with the same amount of money (before and now) more goods and services аре purchased. Deflation begins when inflation reaches 0% and continues to decline. Businesses, central banks and governments try to avoid large price falls.

The idea of ​​this is to avoid a large increase in their value, as it poses huge outcome to the economy.

Rightn now, the world economy is moving faster than ever. But there is always a way to profit from something like that. For example - people buy different type of goods (like gold, stocks, and real estate) that help them keep their wealth. But this is something that requires knowledge. And here comes the question - who is able to teach me everything about economics?

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3 kinds of resources in world of economics


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