The Oldest Marketing Technique


The world of marketing constantly evolves around us. From commercial texts in the newspapers to billboards, to TV commercials, to memes. The marketing of a product or brand is the most important step in the business world. It creates awareness of your product or service among customers. As you see, marketing today is done mostly on the Internet, especially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

But the oldest marketing technique is far and at the same time close to today’s ones. Let’s take a new brand as an example. In order to reach clients, you have to create brand awareness, then you need to spark interest in the goods or services that you sell, after that you have to convince your customers to order your products, and after they create that conversion – to keep them as loyal clients. This whole journey sounds like a story, right? And this is the oldest form of this sector – marketing storytelling. But how to create a good story around a product?

Brainstorm and Define Your Message

2 heads think better than one, and 10 even more. Speak with your team, even with people who are from different sectors. You may receive wonderful ideas from them too. Define what the message is and form it around the project. For example, Apple creates different slogans for each of their products. The first iPhone goes with the message “This changes everything”.

Why is this slogan good? It sends the right message. The first iPhone was the beginning of a new era of technology. Let’s take another example – the slogan for the iPhone 13 is “Your new superpower” which focuses on the fact that this phone is better than the previous version.

The Tesla Model S slogan is “The future is sustainable” which clearly focuses on the fact that the car is green and it relies on green energy. On the other hand, the whole Volvo brand’s slogan is “Volvo. For live” and it is a reference to the fact that this car company creates one of the most reliable automobiles out there. Even their commercials are focused in that way – for example, there is one where the company stacks 10 cars, one over the other.

step 1 of marketing storytelling

In other words, the first step you have to take to create a good marketing storytelling strategy is to define your message. It is important to create a good story that helps you create one good commercial or even more that are connected to each other.

Many companies even use their commercials to create a promotion for their product. They create 3 or 4 and the purpose of them is to find, for example, the 4 words that allow you to win a prize. This way you follow their strategy for two reasons: your interest in the story and your desire to win.

Decide the Story You Want to Tell

There are many different marketing funnels out there and the most common one is this – awareness > interest > decision > action. With a commercial, you create brand awareness, of course, if it is for the mass public. But you are also able to target people who are already interested in the product or service that you offer. With good storytelling, you are even able to skip the “interest” and the “decision” part of the funnel and go from “awareness” to “action”.

Let’s take another commercial example. Maybe one of the best marketing stories in sports in today’s world is the commercial “The Last Game” by Nike. It markets the products of the company that are oriented toward football. A marvelous short series about the greatest football players that are replaced by clones. And in the end, they decide to fight against them and show that they are still the best. In other words, like the slogan of the company, they “Just do it”. They overcome their fears and they find a way to overcome their challenges. And the last commercial changes the slogan, but it is similar to the original one – “Risk everything”.

step 2 storytelling

This shows that good storytelling keeps the interest of the customers for more than a commercial. And they, who are probably already aware of this big company, now are interested in it and want to follow the story, and they want to know what happens next.

A good marketing strategy that leads from awareness to action with one act is the Life Vest Inside's commercial called “Kindness Boomerang”. The organization is focused on charity and their video is focused around a builder that helps a young boy, and with that, he starts the boomerang of kindness, and at the end of the video, we are able to see that when he’s thirsty, a waitress brings him water. The whole video sparks joy and good emotion and motivates people to donate to charity.

You are able to create good storytelling even with a simple sentence. Of course, most of the time it is a video or a good blog, but let’s take another example – back in 2018, the company called Spotify put a billboard on a central boulevard. On it was written: “Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their ‘I Love Gingers’ playlist”.

In other words, try to create a story that motivates people and creates the necessity in their minds to buy your products or services.

Tell More About Your Personal Life or Your Brand

Another way of storytelling is to tell people more about yourself. This works in different situations, for example, if you are an influencer. People, more or less, like to hear about the personal lives of others. This is why shows like “Big Brother” are so popular.

And as an influencer, you are able to tell your story to your audience and make them laugh with you or be sympathetic to your personal experience. There is that infinite YouTube trend where people tell their personal stories while they try to draw them on a whiteboard, and it goes pretty well in terms of awareness and interest.

step 3 marketing storytelling

Create Value

Along with the slogan, think about the values that you want to share with your audience. Since in this blog we take a look at Nike, let’s think about the values that they share in their commercials. First, they are a sports brand, which means that a healthy lifestyle is automatically imported into their marketing campaigns. When you check their slogan “Just do it”, you see that the brand wants to create a feeling of inspiration and innovation in the world, but most importantly – people to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

It is important what values you sell along with your product. Along with emotions, it is also possible to pass knowledge your storytelling commercial. Those types of commercials are, for example, the ones for tour guides.

Establish Your CTA

After you spark your interest in your customers, you have to lead them to a landing page where they are able to make a conversion. For example, if you write a motivational blog for a sports company, you are able to finish it with something like “Follow your dreams”, or “Start your new life”, or in the case of Nike, you are able to use the slogan “Just do it”. This CTA should lead to some type of conversion – buying the product, joining your email list, etc…

Those are the most important steps in every creation of storytelling marketing. And keep in mind this sentence – the marketing of a product is the story that leads to its success.



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