The benefits of intellectual development

02/12/2021 Amari Lindroos

Intellectual development is our top priority. We believe in giving everyone access to education and the opportunity to grow. That's why we offer various financial benefits to go with our courses

Family plan

Continuously developing yourself is necessary to remain relevant in today's society. That is why we offer you and your family the opportunity to invest in lifelong learning with the help of our training courses. Each family member who registers with you for the same home course only pays 99 euros. In this way, we encourage students of all ages to continue to develop.

Consistent self-development is how stay relevant in today's past-paced society. That's why we're offering you and your family the chance to invest in lifelong learning through a professional training course. Each family members who registers alongside you for the same course would only pay 99 euro. It's our way to encourage students of all ages to learn and grow. 

Unemployment discount

Education is for everyone. If you have a vaid unemployment certificate from the VDAB, you get a 50 euros discount on all our courses. We want to help you get back on your feet and enter your dream industry in no time!

Career guidance

A career counselor supports you in making career decisions. Based on your needs and wishes, you will draw up a personal, tailor-made development plan together with your career counselor. This plan forms the basis of the coaching and step by step strengthens your position in the labor market. This way you will achieve all your career goals.
career counselor helps you make the right steps for your future career. They'll help you go over your needs, evaluate your priorities and wishes, and come up with a personalized plan to meet your goals. That plan will be the foundation on which you'll build your future career and stand out on the job market.


Registered companies and entrepreneurs enjoy a discount of up to 30% on all home courses, depending on the size of the company. 


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