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At our distance learning centre we are proud of our graduates. All of our current and past students are eager to accomplish their dreams, their goals, and they strive for success. They are well motivated and know what they need to succeed in their personal and business life. One example is our graduate Jerrico. Today our team have a little chit-chat with him and how he succeeds while he keeps the creation of the biggest investing company in his city.

The road to his success

-Hello, Jerrico. I want to express my gratitude that you are here with us to share your experience. Lets talk about what is the motivation behind all of this? What is the thing that stimulates you to fight for your success?

-The thing that stimulates me is the profit and the financial independence I have thanks to my decisions. Soon I have to take my 5th exam in the learning centre. It's about Economics Basics. I am already a graduate from the Business Management, Social Media Marketing and 2 more courses in this sphere. All this knowledge helps me in my work and it is the main reason I am able to lead my own company.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Peter Drucker

And what is the biggest opportunity and the main reason your company is on the top of the investment market in your city?

-To be honest with you, another important thing in a company is the team that builds it with you. Thanks to the learning centre, I am able to build and improve my network with every course, because with every new training, I meet new people. And I am able to "sell" my idea to them, so, after they graduate, they join my team. Together we create opportunities that are unique to our market.

For example, we are the first investment company in our sector that offers personal marketing strategy and market analysis. These things really help us attract new investors and the best part - with their investments, our city becomes more and more beautiful.

The importance of teamwork

-So, as far as I understand, the 2 most important thing about your success is your team and the knowledge you receive thanks to our courses?

-Definitely. I am glad that I have the courage to improve myself everyday. Most people think that knowledge in one sphere is enough, but the market constantly changes. We are part of the world. When our environment changes, we should change too. Thanks to this school, I am able to gain knowledge about different subjects whenever I need it. And the best part - I do it from our company's office.

But, of course, my team receieves the same amount of grattitude. One of the things every successful entrepreneur must learn is that there are people who are better in different subjects. Therefore, a course that explains how to lead a team is necessary in order to find those people and help them work together in order to achieve something bigger, something important than the ordinary customer values.

“There is only one success- to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

- Christopher Morley

Is it the right time to change your career?

Right now many people stay at their jobs and they rarely decide to pursue something new. But do you think it is the perfect moment for them to start their new career?

--Definitely. As you know, our company's focus is on investments. Thanks to that, we are able to see how different markets move, and I must say that the whole economy rebuilds itself. We have new industries. This means that there is a big vacuum that must be filled and everyone who finds it place in the right industry gets the chance to receive enormous profit. This is the best time to try to switch your career according to the movements on the market.


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