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In the world of growing markets, there is only one dream for the young person – to become self-employed. This tendency is seen everywhere in Europe and the United States. In other words – in developed countries. But to become one of them, you have to gain a set of skills that help you conquer your sector. And what is the most important knowledge that you have to gain?

Well, people like to debate on this. Some share the opinion that you have to be administratively prepared to fill in all the documents along the way, others say that you have to possess unique financial abilities. But on top of that, the most important thing is to gain knowledge in Retail.

And why is this? It is simple – retail is the ability to sell your goods or services (depending on your sector) to your customers. And to say it in a way that everyone should understand – as a retailer, you have to purchase large amounts of goods and then sell them in smaller quantities to consumers for a profit. The things small and big shops do.

But here you say: “Hey, I still have a lot to learn”, so these are four tips that are designed to provide you with knowledge:

Decide if You Want to be an Employer or an Employee

There is a big difference between the boss of a company and an ordinary employee. If you want to start your own business, then we suggest that you gain knowledge in Business Management, Economics Basics, and Bookkeeping. As the boss of your company, you have to deal with big clients. And the Retail sector teaches you how to do cross-selling and upselling.

And when you are the one employed, you have to be prepared to work big shifts. And there, you have the opportunity to upgrade your retail knowledge. This is because, like the world of digital marketing, reality has also a funnel. And you are the only thing between your customers’ interest and the final purchase.

The Difference Between Cross-selling and Upselling

As an employee, you have also to be prepared for cross-selling and upselling. But what are those things? Cross-selling, for example, is when you sell 1 good and manage to convince your customer to buy something else too.

Imagine yourself as an employee at a pizza restaurant. Your customers want to buy one with pepperoni. You offer them a drink with it. This is cross-selling. Upselling is when you offer a better version of the same product. For example – you offer your customers a large instead of a medium size pizza.

Be Confident

To become an expert in Retail, you have to be confident. This is because your main job is to communicate with customers and convince them to buy your products. Different communication techniques help you lead them to the purchase, but the most important one is to make them feel comfortable too.

Learn to know when to upsell and when to cross-sell. Keep in mind that if you start or work in a specialized shop, most of your customers probably already know what they need. So, be there for them and guide them to it.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

In many sectors, you are able to prioritize your customers and make them feel unique. For example, when someone is your loyal customer, you are able to give them discounts, or use different sentences like “Hello, same as usual?”.

You are also able to use compliments, but you have to do it a little bit, in order to keep the situation comfortable. For example “This suit suits you very best”, and from here you are able to cross-sell with “But I think that a final glance, for example, this bowtie, makes it look even better”.

This is just a blog, but we hope that these examples from different sectors help you with your work behavior. If you want to learn more about Retail and how it works, we suggest that you have a look at the courses in the Retail category.


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