Human resources, a female field- truth or myth?

04/03/2020 Amari Lindroos

Equality. It’s a widely debated subject nowadays. Change is born from debate, and every day more companies realize its importance. But revolution doesn’t happen in a day – there are some careers where gender imbalance is still a thing. Human Resources, for example, is generally considered a woman- only profession.

Why is Human Resources considered a female job?

It’s one of the fields where there have always been more women. Studies from 2017 in the United States show a female representation of 86%. While we can’t be certain of the exact reason, there are two main theories.

The first is about popular representation. The field has a reputation of being more feminine, which means women are naturally more drawn to it, which in turn reinforces the reputation, and forms a closed circle.

The second theory is based on “biological” factors. It’s based on the idea that the skills a Human Resource specialist needs are usually associated with female character traits. Women are better at determining abstract elements, like a candidate’s personality or their potential.   This argument is really just as sexist, and based on false popular beliefs.

What do you think about HR being women-dominated?

It can become a problem if it stops a man from being hired in HR, or discourages him from pursuing a career in the field. Our desire to strive for equality should apply to both men and women. But the real issue is actually hidden elsewhere. There are more women in HR, but they’re still paid less than men in the same field. The dominance of women is actually a bit of an illusion- as in most other sectors, female employees make less money than men. That’s a fundamental issue that requires a major change in society’s mentality.

What is the impact of technological advancements in HR?

Like most fields nowadays, Human Resources is evolving with the times and with new ways to process data. This has caused a change in HR processes. The hiring process is much less emotional, and is based on quantifiable metrics and evaluations of an employee’s productivity and character. That’s sure to change the image of an HR career and make it less “feminine”.

What future challenges await us?

The main challenge lies in greater equality in the field of HR – both in male/ female presence, and in the salaries they receive. New industry developments are sure to lessen the effect of clichés and empower men to achieve success in the field. The question of salary takes us beyond the field of Human Resources and into a much larger debate. We have to challenge irrational misconceptions- and especially when they’re affecting a factual decision like a person’s salary.  We can only achieve true equality when an employee’s work is assessed outside any unrelated factors like gender. Many organizations work tirelessly to raise awareness and help put an end to this issue.

What is our mission?  

We do our part by making sure the field of Human Resources receives capable employees, motivated to bring change and equality to the world. You can be one of them.

Take this opportunity to triumph over sexism. Take a look at our Human Resources module, get a free trial lesson and start changing the world!


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