How learning can help your business

14/09/2021 Amari Lindroos

26 year old Ju comes from a sporty family. In her own words, she practically learned how to ride a bike before she learned to walk - so when she graduated high school, her plan was already firmly in place. "My father always wanted to open his own bike shop, but he never did. And by then, he was getting old to start a business - so I did it instead. I got a venue and opened a shop in the city center, hoping I'd get more customers there". 

That didn't happen. In her excitement, Ju had done the same thing many first-time business owners do - she jumped the gun and went in without a plan. 

But that didn't stop her. She reconnected with a childhood friend - who was also passionate about cycling - and they decided to uproot the entire business plan and change it. 

"At first, I felt awkward studying. I thought "I already graduated - I'm ready!". But Sam helped me realize you're never too old to learn something new." Ju and her friend signed up for our courses and learned how to keep a brick-and-mortar store successful in a digital age. All of a sudden, their bike shop was everywhere online. "A few successful targeted campaigns did the trick. It felt like overnight, all the cyclists in the city knew about us!"

Ju's story is a glowing testament to the importance of continuing one's education. Even if you already own a business(and even if it's more successful than the original bike shop), getting better at business never hurts. We live in a dynami time and society is constantly moving forward - so should you. Take a look at our courses and see if you notice something you could stand to improve at. Then grab that chance and invest in your success!


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