Henry Ford - The successful business leader


We often think about changing jobs or a way to become successful in a time of volatile markets. For this, we sometime look back at faces that stay in history till today. One of those names is Henry Ford. The industrial legend, the car maker, father of one of the best brands in history. Stay focused and fasten your seatbelt, because we are about to tell his story.

It is normal that most of the technology that we use today is from the Western World. Henry Ford is one of the most popular figures in American history. He invents different machines during his life, but the most important one is Ford Model T. This is lifechanging for the car industry. This is the moment Henry Ford is ranked as an industrialist and entrepreneur. His car company is so successful even today, that there is a term named after him - the word "fordism". It means the mass production and consumption that the company offers.

Ford's profits and company size

"That man is best educated who knows the greatest number of things that are so, and who can do the greatest number of things to help and heal the world."

-Henry Ford

In 2022, Ford Motors is the 4th biggest car company in America. Only Honda, Toyota and Chevrolet are more popular, and the four of them produce mass-market cars. The company is almost 120 years old and generates more than 130 billion USD every year. And the best part - it gives so many jobs. The employees that work at Ford Motors are more than 186 000 - a whole big city.

But the most important thing about Henry Ford's company success till today is the way the directors think. From Henry Ford to Jim Farley. The ability to think like real businessmen, like real entrepreneurs. It is important in times of volatile markets in order to conquer your sector and become successful. At our distance learning centre, we know that you are fearless and are able to overcome any challenge. So, how to become successful like Henry Ford?

First, you must learn everything a good entrepreneur is capable of. You need to understand how the market moves, how to become a successful leader and how to guide your team to success. In the learning centre we offer you everything you need to switch your job to an amazing and breathtaking career that has the chance to stay in history. So, do you want to become the next Henry Ford? Sign up now!


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