Frederic the Web Developer


This is Frederic. He is a graduate from our Web Developer course and he is happy to have a brand new career. He tells us how this period pushes him to set new goals and to give everything to succeed in life.

The road to success

My career goes from everything from salesman to web developer. Recently, every shop hires a good web developer that is able to build its digital version. And I think that this course is the decision of my life. Now the thing I sell is my skill and I am happy to have many customers.

The good thing is that many of my customers recognize the diploma from the learning centre. It's safe to say that I am proud of my accomplishments. The course is practice-oriented and the teacher is very helpful. And the team is pretty good and is there for you to answer all your questions.

Towards the end of your course, you must expect interesting homework that teaches you the practical side of your job. The team is very helpful with your new career. They help you find it and you are able to choose the internship you want. This way you gain new job experience that helps you find a better position in your desired sector. The results are excellent, trust me.

His advice

I would definitely recommend this course to others. In my opinion, it is the perfect time to educate yourself and to work on your personal future. Thanks to the support of your teacher and the study advisors, you get the chance to switch your career with something amazing. Become proud of yourself, of your success and fully concentrate on your future in the web industry. If there is one thing I want to say to other students who read me, it's: "Believe in yourself!"



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