Five tips to take good photos


If you're just at the beginning in photography, there's a lot that comes at you. Think about ISO, shutter speed and composition. Read this blog and learn some tips for shooting great pictures:

1. Technique and creativity are the most important things

A DSLR camera is nice and handy, but you are able to achieve great shots with a "regular" professional camera too! Even the one on your smartphone is relatively good. The main thing is what you do with your camera. So if you let your creativity run wild, you are able to take a nice picture. The Photography & Media category gives you all the basics!

2. Pay attention to composition

For a beautiful photograph, it is important that it has good composition. This is the way you choose the image and arrange the picture elements in the frame. For example, it is nicer to place the main point of interest just slightly off center in the image. A composition inspired by the "Golden Ratio" is often aesthetically pleasing.

3. Practice makes perfection

This applies to almost everything, of course. The more you practice, the better the photos become. So take your camera everywhere you go and capture everything you encounter. For example, take your camera with you when you go for a walk and take pictures of everyday objects around the house. Then edit them with a graphics program, such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

4. Choose the right settings

Your camera has all sorts of different settings that help you take better pictures. For example, play around with the ISO value. This is how sensitive to light your camera's sensor is. The darker the environment is, the higher your ISO should be. Shutter speed is also a big determinant. For example, when you photograph a fast-moving object, choose a fast shutter speed.

5. Dare to break the rules

In essence, photography is a creative discipline, so often it is also good to deviate from the rules precisely. This is how the most surprising and artistic photos come about. As long as you are happy with your shots, you are good to go!

6. Take a course in Photography

The tips above give you the opportunity to get started. To learn the tricks of the trade, take a course in Photography. This way, you gain knowledge about different types of photography, such as wedding, portrait, and landscape photography, as well as how to edit photos using Photoshop. With these tips, you are ready to go!


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