Events, a meticulous organisation


A fast-growing sector

Since 2011, the events sector continues to grow. Every day, it gathers more and more workers, enthusiasts and conductors ready to make an idea or a project into an unprecedented event. Weighing more than 6 billion euros in Belgium (ten times more in France), many professions are related to this sector. There is, of course, the event organiser who runs the whole thing, but also the fitters, the stewards, and the technical team, all of whom contribute to the success of the events organised.

The organiser, the key element of the event

As with any organisation, a leader is needed, capable of taking responsibility and coordinating the actions of the actors. The organiser is therefore the one who is able to call both the suppliers to obtain the appropriate products and also give instructions to the professionals who accompany the event. It is a real job where flexibility and seriousness are essential.

A field still in need of skilled workers

With workers becoming increasingly scarce, getting involved in an event-related activity is able to quickly open up a new world where the benefits are very interesting. But more than that, pay attention to the extreme satisfaction that is felt after a successful event.

The great success of wedding planners

The wedding must be one of the most beautiful days of a couple's life, so everything must be perfect. This requires organisation and taste. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, more and more couples are calling on wedding planners to organise their wedding. These professionals take care of just about everything with the approval of the main people involved, which leads to maximum personalisation of the event. From the choice of caterer to the wedding dress, everything is a question of personal taste and organisation.  



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