Entrepreneurship on the rise! Start your own business today

17/11/2021 Amari Lindroos

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, according to the UNIZO, the Belgian Union of self-employed entrepreneurs. And, taking a look our classes, we see ambitious students getting ready to launch their own ventures every day. 
Good news! Last year alone, 65,000 independent freelancers and businesses came to be. That's a growth rate of more than 10%! The conclusion is clear - entrepreneuship is trending up. And we're very proud of that. 

A new image

Stating a business is no longer reserved for grey men in greyer suits. Anyone with a good idea can build it up into a profitable business. Accoridng to UNIZO, the growth is caused by "an improved image of entrepreneurship, the improving economy and the lowering of the SME corporate tax".
As a training provider, there's something else we're noticing. People are getting smarter and learning before they jump in. Most novice entrepreneurs find a reputable online source of information and get educated before they launch their idea. Business Management courses are very popular among everyone going down that path. 

Advantages of starting your own business?

Being your own boss carries a lot of responsibility - and a lot of advantages. Let's go over a few of them:


You're building your own dream

When it's your business, you choose the projects. You have the unique opportunity to focus on things you're passionate about. Be it Photography, Hairstyling or Photography. You can do whatever you want - as long as you know how to manage your business.


You set your hours

Want to take off for a two-week trip? Maybe you're having a slow day, so you stop working an hour earlier? Being your own boss lets you do that. You decide when, and how much, you work.


Do you feel the entrepreneurship bug?

Helping more people realize their dreams is our mission. If you decide to pursue yours, we can only applaud that. Get your Business Management certificate and start building your future!

By the way, did you know you can get a free sample chapter and explore any of our courses at any time? Of just browse our categories here.


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