Dream job: working with animals every day


Rabbits, dogs, cats, chinchillas, horses, pythons or a goldfish called Nemo, almost every family has a pet these days. To guarantee that animals feel comfortable and well cared for, they can count on passionate animal caretakers. For every problem, small or large, these professionals know the solution. In this blog we’ll explain how professional animal caretakers find a solution to every problem in the animal kingdom.

How to become an expert caretaker of your favorite pet

What are the most common health problems for pets? And how do professional animal caretakers, like vet assistants and dog coaches, solve them? At Coursle we have a wide range of courses that teach you how to take of care of animals: Veterinary Assistant, Dog Coach, First Aid for Animals and many more.

In each of these courses you learn how to solve animal problems. Did your cat eat something poisonous? Or haven’t you received any letters recently because the mailman is too scared of your dog to deliver your mail? In our courses you will find a solution to each of these problems, and many more. To give you a better idea of how practical our courses are, we’ll give you an example: little Flopsy’s tooth problem.

Flopsy: a rabbit with a tooth ache

It’s a common problem with rabbits: their teeth often get too long and a bit crooked, which makes it hard for them to eat. Thus poor old Flopsy suffered from a bad tooth ache.

Rabbits teeth keep on growing during their entire life. Of course their teeth are naturally worn down by eating, but this is usually not enough. If their teeth are too long, hooks are formed that might pierce their cheeks and tongue and can cause an incredible amount of pain, mouth infections and ulcers. This is wat happened to our little Flopsy, it ended up being so bad that he stopped eating entirely. Other symptoms of rabbits’ tooth aches include weight loss, drooling and abscesses on the muzzle and jaw. Eye infections and caked droppings around the tail can also be a sign of dental problems.


Are you curious how a professional vet assistant would make Flopsy better again? With a simple diet: one that contains a large amount of fibers and grains, as well as a muesli mix with bix. On top of that rabbits, just like humans, should have a dental check up on a regular basis. If your bunny has persistent tooth problems, it might be better to have the incisors pulled. Rabbits can eat well without them.

Would you like to learn more about helping small animals and pets? Then our Veterinary Assistant and First Aid for Animals courses are right up your alley! Make sure to download a free sample chapter to find out more about the contents of your favorite course.

In our Animal Care courses you will also find plenty of fun facts about the animal kingdom. Especially for you we have selected a few of our favorite ones.

Fun animal facts

Goldfish become paler in the dark

A lack of light will cause your goldfish to grow paler. It is not uncommon for fish to change color. Old age, water quality and food may cause a change in a fish’s color as well.

Sea otters sleep hand in hand

Sea otters spend most of their lives in the water. They even sleep and eat while floating on the water. In order not to just drift away towards the open sea, otters wrap themselves in seaweed, which they tie around their bottom half. To make sure they don’t get separated from each other while sleeping, otters sleep hand in hand. Sometimes otters even form rafts, where up to a hundred of them hold hands and float together.


Why do mosquitoes buzz?

Mosquitoes are most active in the dark where they can’t see each other. That’s why males and females can only find each other by listening carefully to each other's hum, the sound they make with their wings. Female mosquitoes beat their wings up 400 to 500 times per second, male mosquitoes up to700 times per second. If a female mosquito wants to mate, she increases her wing beat, which changes the tone of the buzz. The male knows that he’s welcome and then lowers his wing beat.



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Dream job: working with animals every day


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