5 reasons to take up distance learning

25/02/2022 Amari Lindroos

Let's say you're learning French. 
You're vacationing in France, laptop in your lap, waves clashing in the distance. You decide you want to study a bit. You load up your course - and within 30 seconds, you're practicing your French. By ordering a cocktail at the bar, for example. 
The result? You're learning twice as quickly. You get access to cherry-picked professionals from all around the world, and you graduate with an official certificate. 
Still on the fence? Here are 5 benefits exclusive to distance learning: 

1. You're free! 

Distance learning courses are all about freedom. You're moving forward at your own pace. Some chapters will be easier, while others will require that you push yourself. And it's YOU who decides when and how to do that. 
You also get one-on-one interactions with your teacher. There are no distractions - all your questions get answered, and 100% of the attention is on you. Once you've successfully completed your training, you can move forward and develop more skills. Or use the ones you already have to land your dream job. 

2. You focus on in-demand skills and progress quickly

Training is becoming more important by the day. Staying on top of their skills is essential for anyone who wants to keep up in the labor market. By specializing and developing in-demand skills, you're setting yourself apart from other candidates. Our courses also offer internship opportunities to help you get ahead in your chosen field. 

And you're moving forward quickly! According to a 2017 study by the Brandon Hall group, distance learning can reduce study time by 40-60%. 
At this point, you're wondering why.

It's simply. Having acess to your course at any point of your day is a massive productivity boost. It's a personalized way of studying that focuses on each student getting the most out of their education. No more lowest denominator - your teacher is there for you and you alone. 

3. You come out a winner!

We can't say it enough - investing in yourself is the ultimate opportunity. You develop new skills, you become more productive and you beef up your CV. It's the perfect chance to re-negotiate your salary, too! It's a win-win investment all around. 

4. You enjoy many benefits

Distance courses let you pick your start date, with no other students or imposed schedules. You can schedule your own school terms.
You also get a printed syllabus! We spend our days staring at screens lately - but for many, it's a joy to take up a book, sit on a sofa and learn the old-fashioned way. It's also much easier to take noted. 
Still a fan of digital media? No worries! Thanks to our proprietary eCampus platform, you have lifetime digital access to your course, as well!  

5. You become more productive!

People say they "don't have time to take a course". Sure, but imagine how much time you'll save at work with the right training. Or how much more you'd enjoy work if you get that promotion you want. Our courses are designed to improve your professional journey. You can learn time management, task management, team communication and more. 
What are you waiting for? Join thousands of students who chose distance learning, master a new skill or rediscover a lost passion of yours today! 


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