3 kinds of resources in world of economics


The world of economics contains a lot of resources that are all around us. There are many different types and, according to that, they have different values. In this blog we look at the three main resources that our economies offer and are around us.

Natural resources

What are natural resources? By the simplest definition, those are different types of resources that are found in nature and we use to make different things - for example coal, trees, gas, etc. They are drawn from nature and sometimes are part of humanity's natural heritage and protected by different types of reserves.

But do you know which is the most important natural resource that we have? That's right. It's the water. We use it everywhere - to clean our food, to stay hydrated, even in the nuclear powerplants. Water and air exists as a seperate entity just like another natural resources we need to survive - plants & foods. There are a lot of economies in the world that count on their food production to create their income. For example - combined Russia and Ukraine are responsible for around 3/4 of world's weath distribution.

Some natural resources are renewable - just like air. In moderns economies, there is a lot of green energy that comes from the sun and the air we breathe. But they still need upgrades in order to replace the energy that comes from coal and nuclear energy. Many economies in the European Union work for solutions on how to make their countries greener, more clear and most importantly - how to increase the size of their economies with it.

Human resources

In every economy, human capital is one of the most important parts. People do the work - they create the code for the machines, they build different instruments, they harvest the fruit and vegetables, they take care of the animals that produce milk, etc. In other words - human resources are one of the main reasons that our economies work and we are able to survive different challenges that nature offers.

Capital resources

When we talk about capital, most people think only about money. But in the world of economics, the situation is pretty different. The capital resources include the machines every industry works with, the vehicles that are needed for the transport of the production, information, etc.

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